The Supervillains Spring Tour & NEW EP!

The Supervillains Spring Tour & NEW EP!

Welp, its officially confirmed. Reggae-ska veterans, The Supervillains, have announced that their new EP is officially mastered and ready for a May 1st release with a supporting national tour. The new EP, titled Robots, is a 6-song concept record, and The Supervillains’ second release on their own label, RAH RAH RAH Records. This record is just what the band’s fans have been waiting for.

The Supervillains have had 3 solid album releases since 2006. All different in their own way. With the Robots EP, it looks as if the band is going back to their roots . In the past, some core fans have criticized the most recent release Post Cards From Paradise for being too poppy sounding, and missing the horns and ska sound that was so loved. With Robots, The Supervillains are going back 10 years to re-record the robots trilogy off their 2002 and 2004 releases Horseshoes and Handgrenades and Jahmeric.

According to the band’s facebook page. This new record covers all stages of afterlife and musical genres from ska-pocalypse to heavy-metal. The EP has three old songs, fan favorites, “Robots in Hell,” “Robots in Purgatory,” and “Robots in Heaven” from previous releases, in addition to three new songs including “Robots in Rapture” and “Robots in Limbo.” The six song EP was recorded by Brett Hestla and Master by Fuller Sound.

In support of the Robots EP release, starting May 6th The Supervillains will be on a 20 date nationwide tour. The appropriately named RAH RAH Robots Tour will rage from Florida to California and cover many venues in between. To crank up the crowd, The Supervillains are bringing along label-mates Kayavibe out of Vero Beach, Florida.

Kayavibe, perfectly describes themselves as an “emerging band with dance grooves on the mind.” This is their first national tour, and they are sure to gain many new fans with their dance/party reggae sound. Kayavibe has no trouble getting the crowd moving, and they are the perfect opener to warm up the crowd for The Supervillains. Check out the dates, and do not miss this RAH RAH RAH Records party of a tour!

The Supervillains Spring Tour w/Kayavibe:
May 06 @ Vinyl Music Hall. Pensacola, FL.
May 08 @ Warehouse Live. Houston, TX.
May 09 @ Jack’s. San Antonio, TX.
May 10 @ The Hut. Tucson, AZ.
May 11 @ Soma. San Diego, CA.
May 13 @ Slidebar. Sun Fullerton, CA.
May 15 @ The Catalyst. Santa Cruz, CA.
May 16 @ Ace’s. Sacramento, CA.
May 17 @ Hawthorne Theatre. Portland, OR.
May 18 @ Studio 7. Seattle, WA.
May 19 @ Ray’s Golden Lion. Richland, WA.
May 22 @ The Reef. Boise, ID.
May 23 @ Bar Deluxe. Salt Lake City, UT.
May 24 @ Aggie Theater. Ft Collins, CO.
May 25 @ Black Sheep. Colorado Springs, CO.
May 26 @ Larimer. Denver, CO.
May 29 @ The Launchpad. Albuquerque, NM.
May 30 @ Prophet Bar. Dallas, TX.
May 31 @ Flamingo Cantina. Austin, TX.
Jun 01 @ House of Rock. Corpus Christi, TX.

Article By: Aaron Solomon

Here’s the official music video to Moving Out (Anthony’s Song) by The Supervillains. Enjoy…