Thrive Prepares for New Album ‘Be Love’ This Spring

Thrive Prepares for New Album ‘Be Love’ This Spring

Hailing from Santa Cruz, CA, the alternative pop-reggae trio Thrive are gearing up to release their third and forthcoming album Be Love – the band announced they are completing post production and mixing with the acclaimed E.N Young at Imperial Sound Recording Studio. The record is expected to feature 13 new tracks and will be released in the Spring.

Thrive’s music can sneak up on listeners in different ways, incorporating much more than just reggae influences. With the mighty fine trumpeting from Dan Herrera, the trio gets an extra wave of musical styles including funk, jazz and soul, ultimately intertwining itself with their reggae-centric sound. Moments of acoustic delight are also put on display from vocalist and guitarist Aaron Borowitz (check out the intro from “So Beautiful” on their first album Gratitude Attitude), and Kenneth Rogers keeps steady rhythm on the drums to complete the “Thriving Music” package.

Be Love was recorded individually and collectively between Borowitz and Rogers, and was recorded at home after investing in some new gear with some added help from Evan Lombardi and Two Rivers Studio in Gualala, CA. The new album will feature Jay Spaker (Double Tiger, John Brown’s Body) and Stephen Newland (Rootz Underground). Borowitz also mentioned that more details are forthcoming of the possibility for additional guest features. I

To follow-up to 2013’s Relentless, Thrive has assembled what they describe to The Pier as a culmination of their musical career to date: “This will be Thrives 4th studio release and 3rd full length album. It feels like a lifetime of experiences all leading up to this album. Some of these songs have been in the works for a long time, and others were written more recently. But the theme of positivity and personal growth is constant throughout the entire album, and we’re excited to show everyone how we’ve grown as a band.”

Thrive – Be Love Tracklist
Thrive-Be-Love-Cover1.) Be Love
2.) Nurture The Heart
3.) You Alone
4.) Trust
5.) Waiting
6.) Soft Spoken Man
7.) All Of My Life (Featuring Jay Spaker of John Brown’s Body)
8.) Ganja Tree (Featuring Stephen Newland of Rootz Underground)
9.) Teardrops
10.) Humble
11.) Nay Sayer
12.) Project
13.) Not Enemies

Thrive has already released their first single from the forthcoming record entitled “Not Enemies” – the band dropped the track via youtube on January 29 which can be seen below! For an added blast from the past, check out their track “Just Fine” featuring Rebelution’s lead vocalist and guitarist Eric Rachmany from their most recent release Relentless below as well.

Watch: Thrive – “Not Enemies” (official lyric video)

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Article By: Brian Glaser

Listen: Thrive – “Just Fine” (featuring Eric Rachmany)