Through The Roots 2014 Spring Rising Tour!

Through The Roots 2014 Spring Rising Tour!

Another tour was announced to take place this spring on the west side of the United States. Bringing together 3 different bands from various parts of the country, the Spring Rising Tour will showcase San Diego’s Through The Roots, Brooklyn’s New Kingston, and The Steppas from Hawaii.

Although each band has a different sound, they all seem to share many of the same influences when it comes to their music. The joint venture begins on April 20th in Fullerton, California, before eventually returning to Orange County for the final show on May 17th. In that time span, the trio of bands will travel across 8 states and play a total of 22 shows. For three of those dates, New Kingston will take a breather while the heavy dub sounds of Tatanka join TTR and The Steppas.

Since the end of the Winter West Coast Tour with Tribal Seeds in February, Through The Roots has been enjoying a couple months off of touring while playing local shows. The band’s longtime keyboardist, Brady O’Rear, recently told The Pier that the band has been working on a lot of new music with hopes to release a follow up to their 2013 debut full-length, Take You There, later this year. Frontman, Evan Hawkins, adds, “Since we’ve been home and had time off, the writing has definitely been in full force. We are excited about the new music we are creating. We may or may not be working on a track with New Kingston… I guess you’ll have to come to the show to see.”

[Tribal Seeds Representing 2014 Spring Tour]

The band has also recently undergone another change in their lineup with the addition of Scott Curtis on lead guitar and Corey Groove on the bass. According to Evan, “It’s been nice to have a new chemistry within the band. Both guys are very talented so it’s been a breeze writing new material. We plan to lay down as many songs as possible before it’s time to hit the road again. Expect to hear something new this summer. I can also say that it is shaping up to be our best work yet.”

Meanwhile, New Kingston is in the middle of an East coast friendly tour with Tribal Seeds and Inna Vision. Upon completion of the Representing 2014 Spring Tour, the three brothers and their father will immediately embark on their second spring tour of the year, this time with a different set of bands from San Diego and Hawaii. The band is also featured on Tribal Seeds’ newest single, “Fill It Up.”

Marking the Spring Rising Tour as their third time on the mainland, The Steppas will be returning to the states for the first time since they linked up with Natty Vibes in August of 2013. Their debut album, “To You From We,” was just released and it reached #1 on the iTunes Reggae Music category on its first day!

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Lastly, The Pier asked Evan how all three bands came together to make this tour happen. He explains, “When we put tours together, we like showcase raw talent. Jamming with talented musicians only makes you better. We want the fans that are spending their hard earned money on our shows to be well worth it. Also we have wanted to do tour with these bands for a while now. We are so grateful that the time has come.”

Through The Roots is also currently offering an opportunity for fans to download two songs off their latest album for free on their website! You can find the link below along with all the dates to see if the Spring Rising Tour will be stopping by your city!


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Article By: David Garcia

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