Through The Roots Zombie Remix EP

Through The Roots Zombie Remix EP

In the week leading up to one of the most anticipated music festivals in the reggae music scene, known as the California Roots Music & Arts Festival, the guys from Through The Roots decided to drop a brand new remix EP.

The main song of the EP is titled “Zombies” and although the song had not been previously released, it has been performed countless times at their live shows and is a proven fan favorite. TTR’s Zombie Remix EP features 8 different versions of the song, including the original. Cole Lemke of Santa Cruz did the animated artwork for the EP.

What makes this EP unique is that each track is remixed and produced by someone different and in a different studio. Between all 8 tracks there are remixes coming out of everywhere from California to Florida. The original mix by Through The Roots was recorded in 3DB Soundworks Studio in Los Angeles, CA while U.I.M. Record’s remix hails all the way from Kingston, Jamaica. The Acks, Swashbuckla and Madd T-Ray remixes are all coming out of San Diego. Bit Deff dropped their remix out of Jacksonville Beach, Florida and lastly, Dub Architect’s remix was based out of Charlottesville, Virginia.

When The Pier asked lead singer Evan Hawkins about which remix was his personal favorite, he simply replied: “I like them all, they all bang. There is flavor for every palate and I like the variety.”

Currently, the band has been hard at work in the studio preparing for the release of a full-length album. They have their hopes set for a summer release so make sure to check back with The Pier for more updates on Through The Roots as soon as they’re made available to us!

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of TTR’s Zombies Remix EP on iTunes here for only $3.99 by clicking HERE

Through The Roots – Zombies Remix EP
1.) Zombies
2.) Zombies (Acks Remix)
3.) Zombies (Prima-Volta Remix)
4.) Zombies (UIM Remix)
5.) Zombies (Swashbuckla Remix)
6.) Zombies (Bit Deff Remix)
7.) Zombies (The Madd TRay Remix)
8.) Zombies (Dub Architect Remix)

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Article By: David Garcia
Photos By: David Norris

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