Tommy Dubs “Ebb Tide Motel” Release

Tommy Dubs “Ebb Tide Motel” Release

Tommy Dubs is now on the verge of releasing his 5th full length album, and his second with Seismic Leveler. The set release date for the new album titled Ebb Tide Motel to hit the stores is August 18th, only a few short weeks away.

The album contains 9 tracks and features guest appearances from Piracy Mel C, C-Money, Jeff Hodson, and Melisa Barrison. Ebb Tide Motel looks to stray away from the sounds and ideas of previous Tommy Dubs albums and instead bring the fans something completely new.

When discussing the new album, Tommy Dubs told The Pier:
”The roots of this record started forming from the desire to push our songwriting in a new direction, challenging ourselves and incorporating new instruments into our arrangements. We wanted to do an acoustic record of sorts, but wanted to do more than just throw together acoustic versions of our existing songs. If anything, what I think we did accomplish is creating something truly different from anything that we have done to date or anything we are hearing on the scene at the moment.”

The ideas behind the record are inspired by life in Ocean Beach, CA, often known for its “sunny beaches and shady people.” The Ebb Tide Motel is a well known pit stop in the California town, which Dubs saw as a metaphor for a state of mind; a place we all must leave but may not want to.

This and more can be found on Tommy Dubs Ebb Tide Motel, available on iTunes August 18th, so don’t miss out!

Tommy Dubs – Ebb Tide Motel
Track Listing:
1.) And We All
2.) Man in the Sky
3.) Wiped Away
4.) Left Behind
5.) Gutter Punk
6.) Avalanche
7.) Puddle of Tears
8.) Ebb Tide Motel
9.) Checkout

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Article By: Jason Gallagher

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