Tommy Dubs New Album Release!

Tommy Dubs New Album Release!

Sending the positive vibes from sunny Ocean Beach CA, Tommy Dubs is releasing a new album, Take What You Want. Tommy Dubs says it will be due out early December, but have not yet decided on an actual date.

The band recorded a majority of the album at their own studio, where they did the mixing but also went down to Capricorn Studios in San Diego to track some of that lovely live instrument sound. “Of course, you can expect more of our Dub Influenced Urban Sounds,” says Tommy Dubs, who is also a creative producer. The unique sound that is being brought to the reggae-rock scene, shows off that electronic technology alongside downright reggae jams. Tommy Dubs brings it with the bass and dub tracks and has done so with some of the best like Slightly Stoopid, The Aggrolites, Mike Pinto, and much more.

The album will consist of 11 songs, but due to the large amount of work the band put in, they will also be releasing a companion album, Manana del Sol. “Manana del Sol” has a harder electronic feel, mixed with extended dubs from Seismic Leveler session,” says Tommy Dubs.

Guest appearances from Horace Martin and Aleko from Planeta Lem will appear on the electronic sound companion album. The band is still unsure when they will drop Manana del Sol, but the different sound will be a great follow up!

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Article by: Alyssa Torres

Here’s a live acoustic video of Tommy Dubs performing “We Will Walk”