Tommy Dubs – “True Life & B Sides”

Tommy Dubs – “True Life & B Sides”

Hailing from Ocean Beach, CA, Tommy Dubs, True Life & B-Sides is a digital release due out on June 28th, 2011 in all major online music retailers. The album includes 6 live tracks & 4 Dub versions.

1.) Seismic Leveler (live)
2.) We Will Walk (live)
3.) Take it or Leave It (live)
4.) People in your neighborhood (live)
5.) Nothing to Learn
6.) Won’t Be Coming Home (live)
7.) Urban Renewal (dub)
8.) Illusions (dub)
9.) Elephantic (dub)
10.) The Source (dub)

With this record, Tommy Dubs & Seismic Leveler take a much more raw approach from the debut of his first album En Los Campos. The live tracks were recorded on May 27th, 2011 at Winstons in Ocean Beach, CA. As a compliment to the live performance, the last 4 tracks off this release are all dub versions. This recording is an authentic representation of the Do It Yourself ehtos and personality of the band.

Here’s what Tommy told The Pier about his new release..
“This record came out of nowhere. At anytime, I am working on a handful of records with different acts and I usually have long term plans for my releases. We just happened to get some good audio and vibe recorded at Winstons of some of our new songs so I figured we could put them out. I am also sitting on hours of dubs that I have recorded and thought those tracks would compliment the live recordings. What I like about this record is that it is RAW. I remember getting bootlegs of albums from my favorite bands when I was younger and loving b-sides or live track that would be included and this record has a similar vibe to that. We also wanted to give the fans a little taste while they wait for the release of our full length studio album.”
-Tommy Dubs

For the last 15 years, Tommy Dubs has been performing all over the US & South America, bringing what he calls New World Music & Bass Burners. Inspired by Dub, Hip HOp, Latin Rhythms, Pop & Dancehall. Tommy Dubs & his backing band, Seismic Leveler, bring a high energy live performance that have become legendary in their home town Ocean Beach as well as on the road. He’s performed with Richie Spice, Junior Reed, Yellowman, Slightly Stoopid, Aggrolites & more!

Tommy Dubs Upcoming Shows:
June 11 @ The Belly Up. Solana Beach, CA (w/ English Beat)
June 18th @ The Del Mar Marriot. San Diego, CA. (w/Mike Pinto & more)
June 29th @ Winstons. Ocean Beach, CA.
June 30th @ Top of the Kress. Yuma, AZ. (w/ Synergy)
July 1st @ The Hut. Tucson, AZ (w/John Wayne and the Pain)

Here’s what Tommy told The Pier about his upcoming shows…
“We have been making more trips outta town lately and have committed to building our fan base in Tucson, Phoenix and Yuma. Its insane to drive through the desert in July, especially when we live literally a stones throw from the Ocean, but what the hell. I love Tucson, I played in a band there for 7 years with Matt from the Mike Pinto Band… I have serious roots with the community there so it is always nice to get back into town. We were fortunate enough to get linked up with John Wayne and the Pain and that show at the Hut should be fire and we are lucky enough to be playing with Synergy again in Yuma. Yuma takes care of us and Synergy might be one of the nicest bands we have met…plus they share our love for elephants.”
Tommy Dubs

Here’s a video from May 27th at Ocean Beach performing Take It or Leave It