Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds Return with New Single “Frequency”

Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds Return with New Single “Frequency”

Hermosa Beach, CA’s Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds is making 2018 their official return by kicking things off with their new single, “Frequency.” The song is expected to be on their upcoming record, Illuminate, via Island Empire Records. The album will include 12-14 tracks, a new line-up and updated sound.

“Frequency” is the groups 5th single since their last studio album, The Great Escape, in 2012. They’ve released 2 other full length albums since their 2004 inception with 2007’s Early Prayers and 2010’s Sacred For Sale. The singles put out in the last 6 years include: “Tell Me Mary” last May, and “No Matter What” last April, 2017. “War Letter,” featuring Marshall Goodman of Sublime/Long Beach Dub Allstars, dropped in 2016 and lastly there was 2015’s “Throwback” featuring Garret Douglas.TBS_Frequency

Much has changed over the years, including the line-up and quite naturally the sound. Front-man Moises Juarez tells The Pier: “Since our last album, there’s been a few changes. As many of you know, guitarist Sean “Chaps” Chapman is no longer a part of Tomorrows Bad Seeds so we’ve been readjusting to the new dynamics of the band. This, along with spending more time with family, has helped us expand and re-discover the love of our art.”

If “Frequency” is any indication of what to expect from their upcoming album, my first impression is that they’ve taken influence from their label mates in Common Kings and the Island culture. They’ve dropped much of the live band, rock sound for more of a pop and R&B flavor. Front-man Moi has a great voice for the production that is accented with horns and a fun guest appearance by vocalist, Jason J.

When most fans think of TBS, they think of songs like “Sacred For Sale,” “Slow Down,” “Reflect” and “Vices,” among others. Almost like a Incubus meets Sublime — there was rock, distortion, live-band sounding songs around a consistent theme of reggae and hip hop. “Frequency” stands in contrast to most of the former production style with this new pop approach. The group is working with producer Chaz “Rox” Toney, who produced much of the album out of Island Empire Studio in Carson CA.

Additional production for the record includes Chris “Irey” Garcia on a yet-to-be-released new song called “D42dayS42Morrow” (Drink for today, smoke for tomorrow), that was written by Sammy Johnson and then flipped by Moi. Marshall Goodman is also expected to contribute production to the record.

When discussing the song, Moi explains that “When the idea of ‘Frequency’ was written and recorded it was based on the idea of frequencies and the vibration healing properties that they possess. Most popular music is recorded in the standard tuning of 440hz, not only did we record the song in 432hz, where the A=432hz, the alternative tuning of music, is mathematically consistent with the universe. A notable few that have recorded in this tuning, Prince, John Lennon, Bob Marley. The song it self was based on The Frequency of Love (528hz) and the vibration healing properties it contains.”

We’ll have more info on the new record, but in the meantime, enjoy their new single “Frequency”. You can stream it or own it via iTunes by clicking HERE!

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Article By: Mike Patti

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