Cali Vibes

Cali Vibes is back! Feb 16-18 at Marina Green Park, Long Beach, California. I hope you are all ready for probably one of the most amazing festivals of the year! Every band at this festival is amazing, but if I had to choose 5 bands that you must see, well, here they are. 

Now, knowing that the love we have for all the bands and all that they go through is equal respect and admiration. But … the first must-see band that every single fan needs to witness live: 

Is FORTUNATE YOUTH! This Hermosa, CA band has conquered and continues to flourish with such grace throwing it down with their reggae, funk rock jam sessions that will leave you breathless. FY has honed and owned their spot on the stage for a long time and earned all the credit where credit is due. Their music is straight-up positive and strong! Check out their videos, and their channels; everything they sing about is their experiences and sending out that positive affirmation for all of us! Their love for their fans goes deep, and their fans get it! 

The second fave for the live action, check out Little Stranger, hailing from Philadelphia, Kevin and John are absolutely the most lovable and authentic band on the circuit right now. They write from the heart, and rock it out like it’s nobody’s biz! These two gents come together and form a powerful stage presence with their hip hop- trippy reggae, rap rock style that will blow your ever-loving mind! I think I have a little music crush. 

Thirdly, my fave Jamaican-born and respected as the most legendary reggae artists, Damian Jr. Gong & Stephen Marley, are both the highest esteemed of reggae artists in my book. Their blood flows with the pure reggae that we all grew up on, but the legends of our time …now. If you have NOT seen them live, you are not living. Reggae music at its’ finest, a must-see and experience live!

The fourth band that is a must, everyone that loves reggae music, reggae rock, loves Collie Buddz. Collie is the man! Straight from Bermuda, grew up in New Orleans, and delved into music through music school in Orlando, Florida, and creating his own genre pretty much! Collie Buddz has a special place in my heart, with his extreme giving to his fans from pizzas to merch, and loyalty to all of us, Collie Buddz is always going to be in my top five for reggae artists!

The fifth band on this ginormous bill, I pick DENM. Denm is truly extraordinary with a blend of reggae, rock, acoustic, and you name it, the guy loves what he does, and does it great! As an upcoming artist, DENM’s golden beach vibes bring another level of awesomeness to the music industry. His vision is to delve into the different genres it seems, and to make it his way, and pave his own path. His live stage presence is astounding and will give anyone chill bumps. His view on life is to take every day by the horns, and that is exactly what inspires writers and artists all over the world.

Cali Vibes is going to be amazing, and everyone needs to grab a ticket, hitchhike, and do whatever you got to do to get there. It will be life-changing. 


Written by: Stef Sanchez