Tribal Seeds Drops New Album – Ancient Blood

Tribal Seeds Drops New Album – Ancient Blood

Their first album in nearly ten years, Ancient Blood is the newest addition to the Tribal Seeds discography and a masterpiece of global proportions. Featuring artists from every corner of reggae and basslines ranging from cumbia to rudeboy bless the multi-lingual 17 track record as it breathes new life into the Tribal Seeds biome. Reigniting the flame that was nearly put out in 2022 with Steve-I’s extended and open-ended hiatus, Ancient Blood brings his signature vocals back to the forefront, reassuring fans he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

Over five years in the making, Ancient Blood was well worth the wait. Deliberate, poetic lyrics punctuated by Jacobo’s pillowy voice, the urgency of Dekofsky’s signature snare-forward drumming, and punchy horn arrangements by Gotthardt and Huang give each of the 17 tracks their own personality, while still working together in harmony as pieces of a larger, more elaborate sonic puzzle.

The beauty of this record is that it is so incredibly Tribal Seeds to it’s core. I breathed an audible sigh of relief upon the first listen to Ancient Blood, near tears, as I closed my eyes and was transported back being 23 years old, dancing in the dirt at a festival somewhere in NorCal to The Harvest. I don’t know what I was expecting from this record, but I know that it’s everything I needed from them and more–so, so much more.

Wildly danceable and intoxicatingly sing-along-able, Ancient Blood lends itself to a dynamic live performance by design. Before kicking off a month-long tour May 3 with support from Kabaka Pyramid, the San Diego legends will play songs from Ancient Blood for the first time live at Cali Vibes on February 17.

Top Tracks from Ancient Blood:

  • Down Bad Vibes, feat. Suckarie
  • Bondage, feat. The Twinkle Brothers
  • Wicked & Riled, feat. Hemptress Sativa
  • Ancient Blood, feat. Chiquis Lozoya, Chucho Ponce Los Daddys de Chinantla, El Dusty
  • Breathe Easy, feat. The Movement, Maad T-Ray
  • Fallen Kings
  • Tokyo

Listen to Ancient Blood, available on all digital streaming platforms.