Tribal Seeds Opens Up Retail Store!

Tribal Seeds Opens Up Retail Store!

One of San Diego’s most flourishing reggae bands opened their very own retail store a couple blocks from the Pacific Ocean. Located in Pacific Beach, California, the Tribal Seeds Store officially opened its’ doors on February 18th, 2014!
The Tribal Seeds Outlet is one of the first, if not the only, official retail store to be opened by a new-aged reggae band or artist. Blessed to be living in sunny Southern California, I was able to travel a little further down the coast on my day off to witness this history in the making. Upon entering the 3-day-old store, I took the time to enjoy the beach vibes surrounding the area on an 80-degree day in the middle of “winter.”

As you approach the office suite, you can follow the sounds of reggae music into the back, where you will find yourself surrounded by Tribal Seeds shirts, tanks, hoodies, albums, hats, beanies, and more. Behind the counter was a friendly greeting from Kara Lyn, founder of the So Cal Street Team. A huge supporter of Tribal Seeds, Kara landed a spot on the staff alongside the band’s touring manager, Rams, and the father of Steven and T-Ray, Mr. Antonio Jacobo.

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Open Tuesday through Saturday from the afternoon until the early evening, Kara, who you can find making an appearance at as many shows as possible on any given weekend, loves the hours. “I’m off by 7, which gives me plenty of time to go from SD to a show in Hermosa Beach! I also love that I get to wear Tribal gear and help them sell their merch all day.”

According to Antonio, opening a walk-in store had been in the plans for years. When asked about the store hours, Mr. Jacobo told The Pier, “We’re trying to create not only a job for ourselves, but a fun and convenient job for us so that we can be involved with other projects like traveling to see the band perform.”

ThePier_SCSTCurrently, you can only find Tribal Seeds and Hirie merchandise at the outlet, but eventually it will open up to other bands and clothing brands. At the moment, the outlet is located in a relatively small office but the potential behind its’ creation reaches far beyond the store’s current walls.

As a huge Tribal Seeds fan, I had to ask their manager why the band will not be playing any Southern California dates on their current Representing 2014 Spring Tour. Rams responded by saying that the tour would have to be extended another month in order to accommodate the California shows.

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An acoustic Grand-Opening show is being planned upon the band’s return from tour in the spring. Until then, California residents will have to visit the San Diego store to get their Tribal Seeds fix. However, if you do not live in California, make sure to check the dates below to see if they are coming to a town near you! Also, be on the lookout for Tribal Seeds newest album, “Representing,” due out this year!

Tribal Seeds Store Hours and Location:
4645 Cass St. (Suite 104)
San Diego, CA 92109
Tuesday – Saturday: 1pm to 7pm


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Article & Photos By: David Garcia

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