Tribal Seeds Representing Fall Tour 2014

Tribal Seeds Representing Fall Tour 2014

Reggae fans around the country will be “rockin’ the night away” for the next five weeks as Tribal Seeds will be performing with Ballyhoo! and Beyond I Sight featuring Gonzo for their fall national tour.
The Representing Fall Tour 2014 has already kicked off, so fill up your cups, relax, and get ready for some irie vibes.

Tribal Seeds recently released their fourth album, Representing, this last summer and its one of those albums you cannot stop listening to! Featuring an array of some of reggae’s legendary artists like Don Carlos, Mykal Rose, Kyle McDonald, and some new artists like New Kingston and Tony-Ray “Maad T-Ray” Jacobo, (the keyboardist and producer of the band) this album is literally a smorgasbord of musical talent.

Ballyhoo! also recently released a new album, Pineapple Grenade, just last year and have been killing it during their recent live performances. Some good news for fans of the band, Ballyhoo! will be releasing a new EP The Cool Down: Vol. 1 & if you pre-order the EP on iTunes, you instantly get two songs with your order – Pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

Ryan “Gonzo” Gonzales ,former guitarist and vocalist for Fortunate Youth, joined Beyond I Sight two years ago and has joined Tribal Seeds as well. Last summer Beyond I Sight were featured at California Roots 2014, a huge opportunity for any rising reggae band. Check out their Roots Awakening EP, released two years ago and Gonzo’s solo album titled, Rocksteady.

All three of these bands are talented, dedicated, and worth checking out if you haven’t already. You can visit each bands websites to purchase tickets, subscribe to their pages, read news updates, or check out their new albums.

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Article By: David Shaw