Tribal Seeds Winter Chillin’ Tour!

Tribal Seeds Winter Chillin’ Tour!

After wrapping up their Representing Fall Tour 2014 with special guests Ballyhoo! and Gonzo with Beyond I Sight, Tribal Seeds will continue onto next year’s west coast 2015 Winter Chillin’ Tour, beginning January 15 through February 7. This tour will feature Leilani Wolfgramm of Florida & Hirie of San Diego, CA.
Some bands just don’t understand the concept of taking a break. This is the mentality behind San Diego’s roots-rockers known as Tribal Seeds. It seems this six piece band is always on the road and with the recent release of their album, Representing, it must be difficult to balance life on the road and their loved ones.

“Yeah it’s extremely exhausting,” says Ryan Gonzo guitarist and vocalist of Tribal Seeds. “I have no social life or time for my relationship. So it gets hard. But it’s the sacrifice you make when playing music is your job.”

Leilani Wolfgramm has native roots in the “Friendly Islands” of Tonga in the Pacific Orlando, but hails from Orlando, Florida and her brothers Zech and Nasur’s reggae band & Florida favorite Hor!zen.

After pursuing a solo career, she released her first EP titled I Burn and just this summer, she released a new album Rebel produced by E.N Young and features several artists including himself, Hor!zen and Gonzo.

You can grab a FREE MP3 of the song “Delay” by Leilani Wolfgramm, featuring Gonzo, inside our MP3 Massive section by clicking HERE! Check the dates & links below for additional tour & ticket information.

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Article By: David Shaw

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