Tuesday’s New Album Releases…

Tuesday’s New Album Releases…

If you didn’t notice by now, albums are released on Tuesdays. Why? One theory boasts that sales figures for albums are released every Monday. Another is the billboard charts are determined according to weekly sales. Thus, in order to maximize sales potential, albums have to be released following the posting of the previous week’s sales figures. Whether or not thats the case, it’s a long standing trend that’s made its way into our pop culture of expecting new albums to be released every Tuesday.

So whether the following albums will be topping the billboard charts or not, today is another Tuesday and we’re excited to announce the following releases…

Rootdown – Tidal Wave

The new ROOTDOWN record Tidal Wave features ten songs produced by Grammy-winning producer Christopher Stevens (TobyMAC, Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood). The band has shown significant growth and maturity since their last release Summer of Love in 2009 (which debuted in the top ten on the iTunes reggae charts).
During the past two years they have been working on Tidal Wave. Many of their favorite songs have come from their live shows. The 10 track album includes song such as Good Day, Golden & HB.
“We ran out of material and made up the song on the spot. After a year of playing some of these songs live we figured out what works and connects with the audience,’ said front man Paul Wright about the song HB. Their song Golden was written during a sound check in Montana. “We drove fifteen hours in a blizzard to play at this college. When we arrived we were greeted by fifteen people and a sound system consisting of car speakers. Nevertheless, it was where one of our favorite songs was created, so I guess it was worth the drive.”

  • You can now pick up Rootdown’s new album by clicking HERE
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    Josh Heinrichs – Jah Roots

    It’s official, today Josh Heinrichs has officially released his new album Jah Roots. This release is a collection of his favorite songs from all 5 albums he wrote while in the band, Jah Roots. The songs will all be redone in an acoustic driven style and will feature a full band or multiple instruments on most tracks. The album will contain 12 tracks and is now available for just $9.99

  • You can pick up Josh’s new album by clicking HERE

    GroundScore – Speed Kills
    GroundScore returned to the Magpie Cage studios in Baltinmore, MD to work with legendary producer J. Robbins (Clutch, Jawbox, Government Issue, Against Me!) on their second album titled Speed Kills which will be released May 17th. The group employed some archaic reocrdings techniques to make this album by using a 1980’s 2” tape machine that gives the bottom end of the record a much warmer sound. The album contains 17 tracks & varies on everything from punk rock to reggae.

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