TUGG New Album Update!

TUGG New Album Update!

T.U.G.G. is set to unveil their fifth release, Homebrew EP on December 20th; just in time for the holiday season. The EP debuts five tracks that were written and recorded by T.U.G.G amidst their stomping grounds in western Wisconsin. The EP was mastered at the ever-so-popular 17th street recording studio in Costa Mesa, California.

As one of the Midwest’s finest staples to the reggae-rock community, T.U.G.G. is notorious for their tropical vibes, breezy melodies, and living-the-life message. Homebrew EP is on a straight-line path to just that. Originally planned as an acoustic compilation, T.U.G.G. couldn’t help but develop a number of these songs into rhythmic feel-good anthems.

T.U.G.G.’s newest EP Homebrew features guest appearances by:
Josh Heinrichs, formerly of Jah Roots and Christian Simeon of Outlaw Nation.
Track List
1.) Moonlight
2.) Johnny Exile (acoustic)
3.) Island Dreaming
4.) So Good
5.) Babylon Bred (feat. Josh Heinrichs & Simeon from Outlaw Nation)

This winter you can catch T.U.G.G in a number of cities scattered amongst the Midwest:
Dec 27 @ Three20South in Breckinridge, CO with Coral Thief
Dec 28 @ Hodie’s Half Note in Fort Collins, CO with Rudie Clash
Dec 29 @ Cervantes Other Side in Denver, CO with DeadPhish Orchestra, Smooth Money Gesture
Dec 31 @ The Joint in La Crosse, WI with Moon Boot Posse
Jan 11 @ The Red Sky in Mankato, MN with Outlaw Nation
Jan 13 @ Diablo’s Cantina in Neenah, WI with Steez
Feb 3 @ DG’s Tap House in Ames, IA

Article By: Matt Emodi
Photo By: Mark Franzen

Here is a promo video for the new song “So Good”