Unified Highway Revive Classic Aaliyah Track

Unified Highway Revive Classic Aaliyah Track

There’s no such thing as down time for Eric Rachmany; he has always embraced the concept of continuing to create new music. If he is not traveling across the world to breathe life and energy into live audiences, he is either collaborating on featured tracks or working on new music of his own — or additionally — reviving classic tracks and putting his own trademark spin on them.

Known most notably for his efforts as lead vocalist and guitarist for the chart-topping reggae rock band Rebelution, Rachmany and Amp Live (formerly of Zion I) came together to form the group Unified Highway and released their debut self-titled album Unified Highway unifiedhighway_aytsMarch 4, 2016. Collectively, the dynamic duo have demonstrated the uncanny ability to incorporates electronic synths, as well as hints of alternative and hip-hop to craft a truly unique reggae-driven sound.

Their debut effort was given a warm reception upon its release in March and features several standout tracks to include the dimly lit and simplistic “My Space,” the vibrant and danceable “Rainy Day in Autumn” and a cover from R.E.M.’s recognizable classic “Losing My Religion.”

Fast forward to today, and what started as a brand new project for the super-group duo a couple of years ago, Unified Highway released a surprise new single to the delight of their fans entitled “Are You That Somebody” on December 1, 2016. The song is a cover of Aaliyah’s original performance of the grammy-nominated track in 1998, but much different to include Rachmany’s and Amp Live’s unique revival of the track.

The song is a great addition to the Unified Highway catalog and builds further on their previous release to incorporate more light, rhythmic and cohesive guitar strumming for the duration of the track, all the while continuing to demonstrate Rachmany’s ability to craft a sing-able, catchy chorus allowing for repeatable listens.

It is unknown at this time if another full-length album is expected from Unified Highway, but fans will be keeping close tabs on the duo’s activity to see if another track is released or if more can be anticipated in the coming months.

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Article By: Brian Glaser

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