Upcoming 311 Interview!

Upcoming 311 Interview!

One of the most iconic alternative-rock-reggae bands that has endured the test of time is 311. After playing live shows, releasing new music and even hosting musically incorporated vacations to the Bahamas and Las Vegas, 311 has firmly planted their slam dancing feet in three separate decades. 311 has literally done it all, but there are no signs of slowing down in the least bit.

The Pier was beyond fortunate to have a discussion with 311’s frontman Nick Hexum while the band toured the United States on the annual Unity Tour. With touring taking up a hefty amount of the band’s precious time, Hexum was more than willing to give The Pier an inside track into how 311 and their management select the lucky few supporting acts that have shared the stage with these musical legends over the years, including Slightly Stoopid, SOJA and The Aggrolites this year.

“For this type of summer tour, we are looking for that summer fun feel, danceable grooves, just an overall positive vibe…We have been really lucky, this is our 9th Unity Tour, and we have always had really good luck at finding great support for the tours. This year, Slightly Stoopid, they really do it up with kind of a backyard BBQ and a grill going. They have a DJ playing music and just a big cookout backstage every night. It’s just been a lot of fun this year and we found the right fit for the tour. It just needs to be an overall good time with good people and musicians. That’s what the fans want!”

311, and Nick Hexum specifically, expressed their overwhelming gratitude towards the fans countless times. Yet, with plenty of talk about Slightly Stoopid, SOJA, the entire Unity Tour, and even Hexum sharing a conversation with Jesse Wagner, (lead singer/guitarist for The Aggrolites), and his first recollection of hearing 311, and then finally being able to tour with his musical idols growing up. However, throughout the interview, Hexum took a look back in time back to their last tour that the band actually didn’t headline, way back in 2000 when 311 played direct support for Jay-Z.

Among other tales from the past and optimistic thoughts for the future, Hexum did share his opinion on some of his favorite up-and-coming artists within the reggae-rock field, including the aforementioned bands like SOJA, The Aggrolites, as well as Rebelution, including giving a sneak peak at some possibilities for future releases that will include more visual aspects rather than strictly audio and digital music.

With that being said, this teaser is just the rising action to what the full interview with Nick Hexum and 311 will entail. If viewers are interested in details about the upcoming 311 cruise this spring, a more luxurious boat will be in the works, a completely new island destination and much more will be revealed.

So, come back Tuesday, August 28th for the all encompassing interview with Nick Hexum of 311!

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Article By: Kris Siuta

Video: 311’s video for “Sunset In July” via HDNET