Upcoming E.N Young Interview

Upcoming E.N Young Interview

Come to The Pier on January 27th to catch a full-length Exclusive Interview with E.N Young. He’s a producer, solo artist and member of Tribal Seeds; a man who’s quickly becoming the go-to producer for so many American Roots Reggae bands.

E.N finally took time for himself to put out his first album in four years, Live Love Stay Up, which drops January 20th. The album is split into a triple release with regular, dub, and acoustic versions of each song, inspired by Rebelution’s 2012 release of Peace of Mind. E.N talked to The Pier about the concept behind the album, and what it’s like managing time between his solo work, Tribal Seeds, recording bands at his studio, Imperial Sound, and working to promote his record label, Roots Musician Records. Out of all the bands he’s produced, you can find out who stands out to him as a top-notch writer and performer.

With Live Love Stay Up, E.N is hoping to spread a message of unity and positive thinking. He believes people are created for a purpose. “They say that déjà vu means that you were meant to be in that place. That happens a lot for me,” he says. Hearing his story will show how the universe can sometimes bring things full circle in your life.


E.N is constantly mindful about the real Jamaican roots of reggae music, and admits a lot of 2nd and 3rd-generation reggae bands don’t realize where this music came from. He does like where the American reggae scene is going, and a couple bands stand out to him as modern reggae at its best.

“I really hope that they continue to keep that alive, and that people are open to knowing the roots of the music and the culture associated with it. Because in the end this music was a spiritual music. It was the message of Rastafari, a spiritual one. It was about sufferation. There were people suffering in Jamaica trying to make a stand and step up, you know? I believe that’s why this amazing music was created. And we have to remember that,” says E.N.

Going into 2015, E.N will be busy after the release of Live Love Stay Up. In addition to touring with Tribal Seeds, he’ll be playing two, maybe even three times times at Cali Roots Fest in May, and also working to put together his live show. Things are looking up for E.N, and the only real drawback is how time is limited.

Stay tuned for the full interview, where you can learn even more about E.N’s observations on the reggae music business and life.

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Article & Upcoming Interview By: Kayla Kush
Photos By: David Norris

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