Upcoming Editorials

Upcoming Editorials

We at The Pier base the majority of all our editorials around New Music & Tours. February is promised to have some great New Albums coming out with some really exciting Tours. We will be providing as many Album Reviews & Exclusive Interviews with these artists. Starting next week, be on the look out for updated editorials covering new music with album reviews forThe Supervillains & Lionize! We will also have Exclusive Interviews with both The Supervillains & Lionize as well as Mike Pinto, Tomorrows Bad Seeds & The Aggrolites

Mike Pinto is on his Coming In From The Cold tour & made a stop in Colorado where our very own Chad Hillje caught up w/Mike as they got some Frisbee Golf in after sitting down for an interview to update The Pier & fans on whats goin on with him & the band!
Mike Pinto wasnt the only one paying Colorado a visit, as Chad also met up with Tomorrows Bad Seeds as they’re currently on their tour with The Wailers.
The Aggrolites have a new album on the way and our very own Chris Castro is currently reviewing their new release Rugged Road and will have an interview with the group, to be posted exclusively on The Pier in the coming weeks!
Stay Tuned!

Check out the new albums The Pier will be reviewing this Monday! Mark your calendars…

Lionize – Destruction Manual
Release Date: February 8th, 2011

  • Next Monday, February 7th, we’ll be launching our Album Review for Iration’s newest release, Destruction Manual. Then on the day of Lionize’s release, we’ll launch our exclusive interview discussing their new album! Album Review & Interview will be with our very on Matt Emodi. Lionize will also be occupying our MP3 Leak of the Week this Sunday, Feb 5th with their new song Savior of Fontana. If you didnt know, our MP3 Leak of the Week is a FREE MP3 that runs from Sunday to Saturday on our Homepage. So stop by Monday and grab their new song for FREE!

    The Supervillains – Postcards From Paradise
    Release Date: February 8th, 2011

  • Amber McDonald caught up with The Supervillains in an interview that will go live on The Pier, Tuesday February, 8th as the group talks about their new album! We will be dropping our official Album Review for this new album on Monday, February 7th, the day before the album comes out!