Upcoming Editorials

Upcoming Editorials

We’re midway through summer and already this year has been crazy with world tours & new album releases. There’s plenty to talk about & cover as we have a ton of new Exclusive Interviews, Album Reviews & Concert Articles coming over the next 1-3 weeks. Lets take a look…

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Upcoming Interviews

The Warped Tour has been boasting a great line up of reggae-rock groups that we were able to catch up with during the tour’s stop in Colorado. The topic is always around new music or upcoming projects which we were able to discuss along with some other cool topics. Check out which Exclusive Interviews you can look forward to over the next couple weeks…

Interview w/Slightly Stoopid

Interviewed by: Chad Hillje
Photo By: Kit Chalberg
Notes: Slightly Stoopid sat down with our very own Chad Hillje during their stop in Colorado before their show at the Red Rocks Amphitheater. They discussed their new album, giving The Pier insight on a few confirmed songs for the new release along with their thoughts on Sublime With Rome. Check back Tuesday, August 17th to read the Interview!

Interview w/Three Legged Fox

Interviewed by: Matt Emodi
Photo By: Bill Colbridge
Notes: Three Legged Fox answers some of The Pier’s questions about their new album Always Anyway, what tour plans they have in mind for the year, along with their first ever music video for their new single. This interview also goes up August 17th, the same day their album is released!

Interview w/Passafire

Interviewed by: Chad Hillje
Photo By: Kit Chalberg
Notes: While on the Vans 2011 Warped Tour, Passafire met up with The Pier’s Chad Hillje. They talked about their new album Start From Scratch being produced by Paul Leary, released on their new label & how it compares to previous releases. This interview also goes up Tuesday, August 17th!

Interview w/Shaggy

Interviewed by: Mike Patti
Notes: Shaggy just released his new album Summer In Kingston on July 19th, 2011 and had quite a bit to say about the new record. Talks about living in Jamaica, his time in the military & the difference in his music today compared to prior releases. You can read this interview in full on August 23rd!

Interview w/The Expendables

Interviewed by: Chad Hillje
Photo By: Kit Chalberg
Notes: Chad was on a roll during Warped Tour in Colorado when he caught up with The Expendables to discuss a potential Acoustic Album the group may be releasing. There’s discussion over their song Sacrifice on Guitar Hero. Can anyone in the group play the song on Expert? It’s pretty hilarious and you can read this and much more on August 23rd when we publish the Interview.

Interview w/The Aggrolites

Interviewed by: Chad Hillje
Photo By: Kit Chalberg
Notes: The Pier was able to follow up with The Aggrolites on their latest album Rugged Road. Chad asked some pretty interesting questions including a topic of discussion taking place inside our Pier Form with the state of the scene in reggae music, to how the group goes about writing & recording. Check this out on August 23rd!

Upcoming Album Reviews

New Music continues to spill out this year and over the next few weeks, take a look at which albums we’ll be reviewing. We usually like to publish our album reviews the Monday before the typical Tuesday Release. Ballyhoo!’s album we’ll be putting up way before. Anyway, take a look at some upcoming Album Reviews…

Three Legged Fox – Always Anyway

Release Date: August 16th, 2011
Album Review: August 15th, 2011
Album Reviewed by: Matt Emodi
Album Notes: This is 3LF’s 3rd full length album. Contains 12 songs and was self produced. Said to have a more rock approach then previous releases. The group spent the last year and a half writing & recording for this album. The first single off the album is Let You Down. All of the band’s press photos were taken by The Pier’s very own photographer, Bill Colbridge. Come back on Monday, August 15th, to read our review & to see what star rating it received.

10 Ft Ganja Plant – Shake Up The Place

Release Date: August 30th, 2011
Album Review: August 29th, 2011
Album Reviewed by: Chris Castro
Record Label: ROIR Records
Album Notes: “Shake Up The Place” will be released on CD, MP3 & 180g Vinyl LP on Tuesday, August 30th, 2011. The album’s review will be published on Monday August 29th. Stay tuned for more updates on this release, set to be dished out on ROIR Records.

Ballyhoo! – Daydreams

Release Date: September 6th, 2011
Album Review: August 22nd, 2011
Album Reviewed by: Matt Emodi
Record Label: LAW Records
Album Notes: This is Ballyhoo!’s 4th studio album & first release under LAW Records. This is also their first full length since the 2008 release of Cheers. The album has 12 songs and features a new approach with Ballyhoo! DJ Blaze adding Piano/Keyboards to the groups evolving sound. Come by Monday August 22nd to read The Piers full review & star rating.

Upcoming Concert Articles:

  • 311 Pow Wow Festival Recap from Florida
  • Sublime With Rome & 311 in San Diego, CA (Aug 19th, 2011)
  • Slightly Stoopid & Rebelution in Baltimore, MD (Aug 17th, 2011)
  • The Wailers in San Diego, CA (Aug 13th, 2011)
  • Mike Pinto in San Diego, CA (Aug 14th, 2011)
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