Upcoming Pepper Video & Album Cover

Upcoming Pepper Video & Album Cover

Last month, Pepper released a Lyrical video for their new song “FKARND”. It showed what looked like girls auditioning for the official music video of the song, which raised questions as to what we can expect from the upcoming official music video. Plus, we couldn’t help but ask the theme behind their self-titled cover art.

While the release of their new self-titled album is being pushed back from the originally planned July 16th release date, fans can still look forward to the release of their new official music video for their first single “FKARND”.

Directed by Josh Hegard here is what Pepper drummer, Yesod Williams told me regarding the theme: “It’s really just straight fun, fucking around in all types of super classy/sexy ways! The original concept came from the director and we just let him run with it. We really loved his simple amazingly wet vision for the visual of the single f**k around (all night)! And not to mention his amazing crew who put so much passion into the project!”

When I asked Yesod when we can expect to see this video debut, he told me “We actually just approved the final cust so we should be seeing it very very soon, this month!”.

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As for the cover art for Pepper’s forth coming self-titled release, we couldn’t help but to ask the story behind the picture. Again, in his own words, Yesod explains “The photo was taken in Kona, down in the south which is in the full boonies where tons of parties were thrown when we were in high school. Our buddy actually snapped the photo the morning after a huge reunion we had during our time off.”

Seems like that party influenced more than just the cover art as Yesod also shared “That party was what influenced ‘Deep Country’ and ‘P.O.Y.L.’ from the new album”. In case you’re wondering, P.O.Y.L. stands for

Stay tuned for the new official music video for “FKARND” as well as an updated announcement on their new self-titled album release date!

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Article By: Mike Patti

Listen: Pepper – “FKARND” (New Single). This is a lyrical video with the official music video being shot in June. This video includes the auditions for the official music video. Enjoy!