Upcoming Pier Interviews!

Upcoming Pier Interviews!

The Pier is excited to announce the following upcoming interviews with…

The Movement!
They talk about moving forward without one of their vocalists & how the group is adapting with a new addition to the group with a keyboard player as well as upcoming tours & new music!

This interview was by our very own Chad Hillje and it was the interview we read that led to us asking Chad to join The Pier! A great read for Pepper fans & we’re excited to share it with you and thank Chad Hillje & The Dub Rock Syndicate for an awesome interview!

The Dirty Heads
A great update from the group with new music. Potential Acoustic Release? Also an interesting pre-show ritual the group has developed while on the road!

Hitting the road hard w/their Ehh Brah Tour, the group gives a tidbit of potential good news in the works! New Music & finally a new album?

Stay tuned as we’re set to release these interviews shortly!

The Pier Fam!