Upcoming Slightly Stoopid Interview!

Upcoming Slightly Stoopid Interview!

The good news never stops billowing from the San Diego, CA, jam band known as Slightly Stoopid. After recently announcing a co-headlining summer tour with 311, DJ Soulja-Man, along with The Aggrolites and SOJA opening on east coast and west coast dates, respectively, Slightly Stoopid is also prepared to release their highly anticipated DVD and CD box set titled “Live At Roberto’s TRI Studios 9.13.11” this summer, along with a late summer release of their seventh studio album.

In typical underground fashion, Slightly Stoopid did not reveal specific dates for their upcoming studio album release, or even hint at an album name. However, with four years of separation from their most recent release Slightly Not Stoned Enough To Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid, the quality sounds from Slightly Stoopid will surely be overpowering.

Still, the focus for The Pier’s interview with Miles revolved around the TRI Studios session, as well as the mammoth summer Unity Tour alongside 311. To start, Miles Doughty (vocals/guitar/bass), was extremely humble when discussing all of the talent by his side at the TRI Studios.

“When you have an opportunity to play with those kind of cats, all you have to do is show up! Everything else, just happens…playing with Bob Weir, Karl Denson, Don Carlos, Ian and Ivan Neville, and all the boys in Stoopid, it’s like the ultimate arsenal! It was like a dream come true!”

But, don’t get this particular masterpiece confused with Acoustic Roots #2 or putting a new spin on those particular songs. Miles said, “We didn’t come into it with that in mind, at all. We just wanted to give our fans a different side of our music and give them a taste of what we were doing on tour at that moment. For those songs, it was just a new twist on some old songs, but a lot of what we were doing on tour also.”

As for the big news regarding 311 and Slightly Stoopid joining forces on the Unity Tour Miles shared this with The Pier: “We had our opportunities being explored through both avenues, and the fans spoke up, and the package came together best for Slightly Stoopid, 311 and all the fans. We were just coming up when 311 was getting big with “Down” and that whole album…. It’s going to be great, the way it’s set up; we are still going to play a nice, long set. And, to split it up with The Aggrolites and SOJA…it couldn’t be better!”

Along with these teasers, Miles also shared his thoughts on recording the forthcoming studio album, the process of recording in their own studio, recording sessions with Don Carlos, song selection for the live recording at TRI Studios, as well as the upbringing and guidance Bradley Nowell and Miguel Happoldt bestowed upon Miles and Kyle as just 15 and 16-year-old kids.

Slightly Stoopid has taken that particular advice to heart, and the passion for their music has never subsided. If this upcoming interview displays one fact, it will highlight the notion that Slightly Stoopid is nowhere close to slamming the breaks. If anything, Slightly Stoopid is increasing their speed, and nowhere near running on empty!

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Article & Interview By: Kris Siuta

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