Upcoming Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds Conversation

Upcoming Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds Conversation

Coming Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016, an exclusive interview with Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds. The Pier sat down with Moises Juarez (aka Moi) and Sean Chapman from Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds for an hour long conversation with each one about a variety of topics. The Pier asked some tough questions about the disappearance of TBS, the project LIFE, and their decision to restart TBS.

Many of you probably remember Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds, their popularity from a few years ago, and their sudden “disappearance” from the reggae scene. The Pier recently had an hour conversation with Moi, the lead singer, and Sean, the lead guitarist, of TBS to discuss the past, present, and future of the band.

“I’m more than ecstatic and excited to get to share our new music with the world again.”
– Moises Juarez (Moi)

“TBS never left. TBS is a family. We never left, we’ve always been here for the public and releasing music. We will always do that whether it’s now or once a year or once every two years. We will always be a family, we are an organism… as humans beyond a band. So I’m taking it a little deeper. We never left, as individuals and as a team.”
– Sean Chapman


The band is made up of five talented musicians from Hermosa Beach, CA lead by Moises Juarez (lead vocals), Sean Chapman (vocals/guitar), Matthew McEwan aka Mets (vocals/guitar), Andre Davis (bass), and Pat Salmon (drums). The band has previously released three studio albums titled Early Prayers (2007), Sacred for Sale (2010), and The Great Escape (2012). Their last studio album, The Great Escape, received a 3-star rating from The Pier (see the full review HERE) and received a significant amount of mixed comments from TBS fans expressing mostly their dissatisfaction with the album. The Pier’s upcoming TBS Conversation definitely discusses this touchy subject, among many others.

“We came back to show love for everything, to show appreciation for everything and all the support that our fans have given throughout the years. We’re going to try to try to make this great music for them and continue to speak off experiences in hopes of helping people cope with their daily lives, and get through it all because we’re all in it together.”
– Moises Juarez (Moi) 

Furthermore, The Pier asked directly about the band members’ decision to stop TBS and start LIFE after The Great Escape album in 2012 and their personal opinions on the album, the advice they received from Mike Dirnt of Green Day, their involvement with Hurley International, their upcoming tour with Common Kings, Moi’s brief stint with Krooked Trees, and of course the new TBS album.

“…TBS will be touring, we have a new record coming, we have a bunch of cool cool stuff coming out. We will be rocking it hard in 2016 and coming strong. We’re pumped, we’re excited, we’re re-inspired and we’re coming for it.”
– Sean Chapman

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Article & Upcoming Interview By: Eric Schoep

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