Updated Album Review!

Updated Album Review!

Every Monday we update our Editorials section with new Album & Music Reviews! This week we focus our radar on The Expanders new self titled debut release. See you next Monday for more album reviews updated to the site!

The Expanders – Self Titled

The band began recording their debut LP in 2006, but the final product isn’t being released until tomorrow (March 22nd, 2011). Why spend 5 years recording an album? To make it really good, that’s why. The Expanders is a spirited collection of classic tracks that captures the heart and soul of 1970’s Kingston Rocksteady in contemporary Los Angeles. Packed with socio-religious themes, archive-wandering production, lush three-part harmonies, and thoughtful songwriting, the album plays beautifully as a …READ MORE

-Written & Reviewed by Chris Castro

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