Updated Album Reviews

Updated Album Reviews

Every Monday we update our Editorials section with new Album & Music Reviews! This week we take a look at brand new releases by Top Shelf & Giraffe Aftermath. Both of these albums are new May releases. See what our staff had to say about each new release!

Top Shelf – The Sound

When roots reggae meets heavy rock, Top Shelf’s The Sound is born. The guys did an awesome job at making the perfect blend of reggae rock when making this album which stands as a great musical showcase of this young band’s talent. The album is filled with compelling guitar solos, reggae inspired melodies, and a relentless groove. And did I mention a bad ass hidden track?….READ MORE

-Written & Reviewed by: Mariana Norcalchika Rojas

Giraffe Aftermath – Sleepless Nights

There is no dispute about what genre Giraffe Aftermath falls under. Trance-inducing beats, precise skanks, and succulent but mellow basslines are the basics of Sleepless Nights. The second layer consists of the special effects and supporting instruments. The third layer and frosting on the cake is the….READ MORE

-Written & Reviewed by: Matt Emodi