Updated Album Reviews!

Updated Album Reviews!

We have a couple of New Albums up for Review! This week we take a look at a brand new release by VP Records Recording artist Ziggi Recado with his self titled release along with Thrive‘s latest album Gratitude Attitude. See what our staff had to say about each album!

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Ziggi Recado – Self Titled

Ziggi Recado’s vocal style musical approach very closely resembles Damian Marley circa Welcome To Jamrock, so much so that at points I had a hard time believing this album had been produced in Holland instead of Jamaica. The intro track and lead single off the album, “Get Out,” is a bittersweet break-up anthem that pounds with dancehall riddims and sweetly grooves in the pocket under Ziggi’s patois-inflected rhymes. Featuring gorgeous…READ MORE
-Written & Reviewed by: Chris Castro

Thrive – Gratitude Attitude

Political awareness is possibly one of the biggest reasons for the development of early reggae music in in the mid 20th century. With their second full-length album Thrive uses many of the same themes except in a contemporary culture. These political connotations underlie a number of the messages in each song’s words. Justice is one of my favorites where they question the presence of our military in the Middle East over the past ten years…READ MORE
-Written & Reviewed by: Matt Emodi