Updated Album Reviews

Updated Album Reviews

It’s summer and each week there are more and more releases that are keeping us busy over here at The Pier and this week we have the review for the new Sublime with Rome, Stranger and Knowledgeborn 07. Lets take a look and see what star rating each new release received…

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Sublime with Rome – Yours Truly

Surfing through Yours Truly from start to finish, you’ll be happy to hear that signature Sublime sound of Eric Wilson unmistakably taking the Bass line for a walk, while Bud Gaugh fires off gunshot snare drops into the smoke filled reggae lounge. Rome sounds at home behind this sound with his R&B style of singing & upbeat guitar skanks. The best example of this were with songs Lovers Rock, Murdera, You Better Listen and…READ MORE
-Written & Reviewed by: Mike Patti

Stranger – World Underground

Stranger’s west coast background surely has an influence on their mindsets throughout the production of World Underground. As you may know, some of the most popular contemporary roots and reggae groups have arisen from the pacific region such as New Zealand, Australia, and Hawaii. Stranger’s echoic and spacey harmonies and forward-looking messages that seemingly portray love and individuality beam the same feelings of ease and…READ MORE
-Written & Reviewed by: Matt Emodi

Knowledgeborn 07 – Dub Knowledge

If you’ve been keeping up with my articles, you’ve probably realized by now that I <3 DUB. Seriously, as long as dub is in the album title, I’ll usually give an album at least a 3-star rating. So be forewarned, Dub Knowledge, as the title indicates, is crammed full of delightful dubs and remixes from KB07’s Cosmic Knowledge, most of which (ah, hell, all of which) present inviting new perspectives on the…READ MORE
-Written & Reviewed by: Chris Castro