Updated Album Reviews!

Updated Album Reviews!

Happy Monday and to help ya’ll reel in the week we have a couple of new Album Reviews. This week, we took a look at a couple new EP Releases courtesy of Ease Up & Through The Roots. Lets see what star rating each album received…

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Ease Up – On The Fly EP

Just in time for summer, On The Fly, by Ease Up is filled with good vibes and fun melodies. The upbeat feel to this EP screams out “summer time!” and each track is as refreshing as a pina colada in the sand on a hot summer day with friends. I found this EP to be short and sweet with a little taste of romance, irie-ness, and California love….READ MORE
-Written & Reviewed by: Mariana “Norcalchika” Rojas

Through The Roots – Here To Stay EP

Through The Roots’s latest release, “Here To Stay”, doesn’t seem to roll or bounce like most of the reggae rock coming out the SoCal area. In fact, it hardly moves at all. There’s some decent guitar playing interspersed throughout the album, but otherwise, nothing clicks and nothing connects. The notes seem to just pop out of my speakers and lie flat on the carpet, making no effort to dance, shake or entertain at all…READ MORE
-Written & Reviewed by: Chris Castro