Updated Album Reviews!

Updated Album Reviews!

New Music means New Album Reviews. This week we take a look at new releases by Mike Pinto, 10Ft Ganja Plant and Digitaldubs along with 311‘s latest release. Lets see what Star Rating each album received…

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Mike Pinto – The West Is Still Wild EP

“Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” is the first track on the album and features special guests DeLa from Slightly Stoopid on saxophone and Juan Rios from Seedless on keys. The song is well executed and the lyrics make you stop and think as they express emotions we can all relate to: not taking your own advice, questioning decisions and the fear or growing older. But, by the end of the….READ MORE
-Written & Reviewed by: Ashley Allred

10Ft Ganja Plant – Shake Up The Place

“10 Ft. Ganja Plant’s latest album Shake Up The Place is filled with creeping urgency, dread and rhythm, or at least it sounds like that tonight, as the winds of Hurricane Irene batter and shake the foundations of my hometown. Tree branches soar, the rain cascades sideways and lightning bolts spark fire across dark clouds. Thunder shakes the walls, but 10 Ft. Ganja Plant retaliates from a battery powered boom box in the corner of my room…..READ MORE
-Written & Reviewed by: Chris Castro

311 – Universal Pulse

“Opinions are plentiful for any individual that are part of 311’s monstrous fan base. Some would say they should have quit after their album Evolver, but many enjoy their post-greatest hits albums as much as any long time followers yearn for an album that rings like their late-90’s release Transistor. 311’s latest album Universal Pulse finds a happy medium between their most up to date poppy harmonies and their old school guitar licks and funkadelic bass lines…..READ MORE
-Written & Reviewed by: Matt Emodi

Digitaldubs – #1

“I’ve always been very fond of reggae’s immense global appeal. Like Rock & Roll, reggae music has managed to carve out some following on almost every continent across the globe (due in no small part, I’m sure, to Rasta’s anti-imperialist stance). Digitalaldubs’s #1, their first release outside of their native Brazil, features an unrelenting assault of dub and dancehall, whose foundations are very clearly rooted in the original Jamaican tradition, however, the …..READ MORE
-Written & Reviewed by: Chris Castro