Updated Album Reviews

Updated Album Reviews

Jahroots and Mickey Avalon both have new albums dropping in the next week. The Pier was given both albums in advance to review & our very own Ashley Allred & Mike Patti have provided the album review and star rating for each new release. Lets check it out…

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Jahroots – Support This EP

“The first track on the album, “Lady”, sets the stage and gives us a taste of what’s to expect from the renewed Jahroots. The song starts out with a laid-back guitar solo backed by simple drums, which drops back once the first verse starts. Surrounded by wailing blues guitar solos, the spoken word hip-hop verse seems strained and does not produce the fresh, original sound I was hoping for…” READ MORE
-Written & Reviewed by: Ashley Allred

Mickey Avalon – Loaded

“With an album titled, Loaded, I guess its no surprise that most of the songs felt like they were produced after lines of cocaine before throwing back a handful of random pills to help spit the verses over. The album is full of club like beats making way for Avalon’s nonchalant delivery loaded with self-fulfilling lyrics praising his own impression on other drug induced party goers…” READ MORE
-Written & Reviewed by: Mike Patti