Updated Album Reviews

Updated Album Reviews

NOFX released their first album in 3 years on September 11th 2012, while Cisco Adler is gearing up for an Oct 23rd release. Either way, we have updated reviews & star rating for each new release. Lets check’em out…

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NOFX – Self/Entitled

“Overall, Self/Entitled is a relapse of the same energy NOFX produced twenty years ago. Although a few songs bled together and felt out of place, it is enthralling to see that NOFX return to writing music like their ear-splitting selves. This album won’t live up to their famed 90’s releases, but it may very well be their magnum opus of the new millennium…”READ MORE
-Written & Reviewed by: Matt Emodi

Cisco Adler – Aloha

“On Adler’s debut solo release, Aloha, he stayed true to familiar themes, like girls, the summer breeze, partying, sex and California. The album is a demonstration of Alder’s strong skills as a producer—including his ability to almost seamlessly blend multiple genres into the album…”READ MORE
-Written & Reviewed by: Kit Chalberg