Updated Album Reviews

Updated Album Reviews

Between a FREE album release courtesy of Fiction 20 Down on April 30th, a long with the 3rd studio album put out by Mystic Roots on June 4th, we took a look at both albums for Review. See what was said about each new release and the star rating each new album received…

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Mystic Roots Band – Camp Fire Vol. 1

“Mystic Roots was able to play on some of their strengths with Camp Fire, and they should have cut this one down a bit from 16 tracks. After I let the album resonate and I listened through a few times I got to hear some good instrumentation, complemented by impressive features from Mykal Rose and Tippa Irie, but the album gets played out pretty quickly….” READ MORE
-Written & Reviewed by: Andrew McClatchy

Fiction 20 Down – Where’s The Levity?

“As a whole, the energy level falls short of that first track “Down Like Hip-Hop” as there is a slight slump and loses some vitality. Although I spun the album several times to give it a good listen, it did start to grow on me more, with the albums catchy hooks. “Where’s the Levity”, from start to finish, showcases the range of talent that F20D is capable of incorporating with so many elements from so many genres…” READ MORE
-Written & Reviewed by: Melissa Cambra