Updated Album Reviews

Updated Album Reviews

We’ve added another couple of Album Reviews to the site with our recap & star rating for The Movement’s latest album Side by Side, as well as The Nick Hexum Quintet’s Shadow Pages. Check each review & star rating & let us know how your own review differs…

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The Nick Hexum Quintet – Shadow Pages

“The album flawlessly blends together keys, Hammond organ, simplified electric guitars, bass and the occasional saxophone into a smooth concoction of accessible songs. My Shadow Pages is an album that will require listeners to put on a good pair of headphones to truly appreciate the seamless arrangements…” READ MORE
-Written & Reviewed by: Kit Chalberg

The Movement – Side By Side

“In regards to production, The Bass and Drums are pretty solid in the mix, but I find the vocals are mixed too low throughout the record and the guitar is fighting with the trumpet and cymbals to find its place in the mix. A little compression, EQ and panning would have gone a long way to liven this record up…” READ MORE
Written & Reviewed By: Tommy Dubs (of A Sunny Place For Shady People)