Updated Album Reviews

Updated Album Reviews

Welcome back to another wonderful Monday as we hope your weekend was full of some amazing live music. Today, we share with you some new albums we took to reviewing. Check out the star rating & review for new releases by Spiritual Rez & HEMP! – Reggae Beatles Tribute Vol. II

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Spiritual Rez – Apocalypse Whenever

“The strongest song on the album is ‘Agapoula Mou.’ Translated as ‘my love,’ the song was written for songwriter/band leader Toft Willingham’s wife. The well written and personal song has an island-vibe and takes the listener on an adventure of finding the ‘right’ love. Not-to-mention the tune is full of…” READ MORE
Written & Reviewed By: Kit Chalberg

Hemp – Reggae Beatles Tribute Vol. II

“After listening beginning to end, several times, I came to appreciate the flow of the tracks’ ordering. There seems to be a grouping of tracks with similar paces, and key signatures, as they transition smoothly from one to another. Disc one begins with a….” READ MORE
Written & Reviewed By: Aaron Solomon