Updated Album Reviews

Updated Album Reviews


In case you’ve missed it, we’ve added 3 New Album Reviews with SOJA‘s Amid The Noise and Haste, Rebelution‘s Count Me In and The Bunny Gang‘s Thrive. These are 3 reviews, written by 3 different writers. Lets check out the recap & star rating for each new review…

Remember these are the reviews of each writer assigned to endlessly listen to the album until they’ve naturally come to their conclusion of how they feel about it. The topic is always up for discussion as we want to hear your opinion & thoughts! Coming up, we have new reviews coming on new albums from Tatanka, Groundation, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, illScarlett & more!

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The Bunny Gang – Thrive

“I really like Nathen’s voice and think The Bunny Gang can write great songs while at the same time paying a respectful tribute to their influences. As previously mentioned, presenting this album as crossing nonexistent boundaries was a huge miscalculation (especially for a site that focuses on just that). With that being said, this is a good album, it has meaning, style, power & it’s recorded very well, going from Rock to Stoney and Punk to Folk. If you like the Clash, this album will be in your rotation for a while…” READ MORE
Written & Reviewed By: Tommy Dubs (of A Sunny Place For Shady People)

Rebelution – Count Me In

“I found myself either completely wanting to skip the songs, or making connections to how a song sounds too similar to another song off of the previous album. Nevertheless, the album is good and will be something that fans will enjoy listening to. It’ll be interesting to see if Rebelution changes it up completely for the next album, or if they’ll decide to cling on to the sounds that have made them famous…” READ MORE
Written & Reviewed By: Juan Barragan

SOJA – Amid The Noise and Haste

“Yeah, the album is mainly programmed, a far cry from the acoustic guitars, percussion & live instrumentation that long time Dirty Heads fans have grown accustomed to. But the production quality is solid throughout the entire album & the verses for most of the songs are edgy, heavy with rap cuts that include hysterical punchlines, creative imagery & swagger…” READ MORE
Written & Reviewed By: Kit Chalberg