Updated Album Reviews…

Updated Album Reviews…

Every Monday we update our Editorials section with new Album & Music Reviews! This week we have the sneak peak review for Easy Star All-Star’s & Fear Nuttin Band’s albums that come out tomorrow along with Unwritten Law’s new release that came out last week..

Check out each review below and see what our staff had to say about each release and the star-rating they choose for each album. Be sure to stop by next Monday, April 11th, as we’ll post our review for RAC’s new EP titled In.Hab.I.Tants which is their first release since the 2008 LP of Heavy. Spring is here and there are more and more albums being released…Stay tuned!

Easy Star All-Stars – First Light

When The Pier was notified that the Easy Star All Stars were releasing their first original studio album we were all ears. Over the years ESAS has defined themselves as one of the most powerful Reggae production conglomerates outside of Jamaica. It was definitely a treat to get first crack at listening to this album…READ MORE

-Written & Reviewed by David Foral

Unwritten Law – Swan

With their first studio release since 2005’s Here’s to the Mourning, Unwritten Law soars into the sonic skies with Swan — a dynamic, 11-track album full of catchy and sexy aural layers that, when stripped down, reveal the flesh and blood of a hard rockin’ listening experience….READ MORE

-Written & Reviewed by Amber McDonald

Fear Nuttin Band – Move Positive

When I first put Move Positive on my stereo, my first thoughts were “Oh god, not another Skindred.” But thankfully, instead of what I thought would be a rehash Skindred’s reggae meets hardcore approach, Fear Nuttin Band takes their own path of reggae-metal glory, fusing a diverse rhythm section with two charismatic West Indian frontmen…READ MORE

-Written & Reviewed by Chris Castro

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