Updated Album Reviews

Updated Album Reviews

We have two new album reviews we’d like to share this week – Radio Riddler’s Purple Reggae, which is a reggae tribute to Prince’s Purple Rain & then out of Canada is illScarlett with their new self-titled record. Check the review & star ratings for each new album…

With album reviews, everyone has an opinion and no one is right or wrong, but the discussion is what we look forward to. The topic is always up for discussion as we want you to reply in a comment with a review & rating of your own – Coming up, we have new reviews on new albums from Groundation, Rootz Underground, New Kingston, Leilani Wolfgramm, Backbeat Soundsystem & more!

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Radio Riddler – Purple Reggae

“This project is not the first time Sinead O’Connor covered Prince, and she recently released a full length Reggae album called Throw Down Your Arms, covering some of Reggae’s biggest roots songs, so it only makes perfect sense for her to join the Riddlers on this record. Honestly, I was not really a fan of her voice in a Reggae context on her ‘Throw Down Your Arms’ release, but she absolutely…” READ MORE
Written & Reviewed By: Tommy Dubs (of A Sunny Place For Shady People)

illScarlett – illScarlett

“Overall, illScarlett is doing what they do best in this album, which is blending elements of reggae, rock, and electronic effects to create a very enjoyable mix of songs for their fans to enjoy. illScarlett is able to successfully blend guitars, drums, electronic effects, and a variety of other unique sounds into all of their songs and none of them seem out of place. The five-year wait was well worth it, and fans should agree…” READ MORE
Written & Reviewed By: Juan Barragan