Updated Album Reviews

Updated Album Reviews

With new albums rolling in, we take a look at 3 more releases with our official Album Review & Star Ratings from new albums by Marlon Asher, Riotmaker, and RAC. See what we thought of each new release & let us know if you agree. If you haven’t heard these albums, we encourage you to check them out…

With album reviews, everyone has an opinion and no one is right or wrong, but the discussion is what we look forward to. We want to hear your perspective and how the music speaks to you in contrast to our written reflections. The topic is always up for discussion as we want you to reply in a comment with a review & rating of your own! Coming up, we have new reviews on new albums from Fortunate Youth, Blues Traveler, The Lions, The Skints, Kings & Comrades & more!

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Riotmaker – Welcome to CaliRock

“Although this album has its qualities, I believe the band’s ability to kill it on their heavier rock-themed sections overshadows their efforts to blend in the reggae element to their songs. The band has something absolutely amazing going for it as far as rock goes, and fans should clamor at the opportunity to see this band live. That being said, this short album has some outstanding tunes in it, and very little fluff to worry about…” READ MORE
Written & Reviewed By: Juan Barragan


“Overall I found this album to be enjoyable in parts. As nice as it is to hear a more original adaptation of the reggae-rock sound, I couldn’t ignore the vocal shortcomings in some of the songs. I think with an investment in quality studio time and an experienced producer, RAC will be able to keep these shortcomings to a minimum and deliver a higher quality product. The band undoubtedly has potential, but after being together for ten years, one has to wonder if this potential is starting to slip away into the realm of missed opportunity…” READ MORE
Written & Reviewed By: Andrew Aroche

Marlon Asher – Illusions

“Marlon Asher is a great singer, and every song on this album sounds great whether you are bumping on a big system or listening in your ear buds. The production on this album is top notch as well as the vocal performances. There is much to be appreciated on Illusions and with so many layers, it is an album that will continue to resonate with fans after many listens…” READ MORE
Written & Reviewed By: Tommy Dubs