Updated Album Reviews

Updated Album Reviews

We’re catching up on Album Reviews and wanted to share the latest three reviews from new albums by Stick Figure, Audiodub and Bootleg Rascal. All three were decent albums and we’ve provided some insight as a starting point to discovering new music if you’re not familiar with these 3 groups…

With album reviews, everyone has an opinion and no one is right or wrong, but the discussion is what we look forward too — as long as there is a discussion, people will continue to discover the music and listen for themselves. We want to hear your perspective and how the music speaks to you in contrast to our written reflections. The topic is always up for discussion as we want you to reply in a comment with a review & rating of your own!

Coming up, we’ll have new reviews on new albums from Unified Highway, The Hip Abduction, Mighty Mystic, The Movement, The Olés, Taj Weekes and the list is growing!

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Stick Figure – Set In Stone

“You can hear the thought that is put into every element of these songs, whether a dramatic introduction, perfectly timed reverb’d snare hit or a psychedelic bridge. These are all catchy songs and easy to latch on to, but at times I wanted deeper contextual meaning to the songs/lyrics…” READ MORE

Written & Reviewed By: Tommy Dubs


Bootleg Rascal – Asleep In The Machine

“Psychotica, the band’s 2014 EP, was certainly much heavier on acoustic guitar and reggae riffs than Asleep In The Machine (it isn’t until the end of the last track “Coming Home” that we even hear an acoustic guitar), but Bootleg Rascal’s first full length is a definite success and sign of things to come. Asleep In The Machine flirts with a wide scope of genres, yet it flows smoothly and holds tight at the seams…” READ MORE

Written & Reviewed By: Brian Winters


Audiodub – The City

“Overall, I found The City to be a strong and refreshing reggae-rock album to open the new year with. Whether its unique instrumentals, descriptive lyricism, or simple Sublime-inspired rock songs, you’ll find it on this album. The band has shown obvious signs of growth throughout the course of their discography, and this album does a great job of demonstrating that progression within a twelve-song track list…” READ MORE

Written & Reviewed By: Andrew Aroche