Updated “Backstage Story” Articles!

Updated “Backstage Story” Articles!

Catching up with West Coast’s Dirty Heads and East Coast’s Easy Star All-Stars during each of their stops on tour in Denver, The Pier was able to get some Backstage access to discuss tour & each of their new albums released this Summer…

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Backstage: The Dirty Heads Story

” I got to meet one of my childhood idols, which is Danny Way, the pro skateboarder. I became friends with him, and he invited my girlfriend and I out to Hawai’i to come hangout while he built this mega skate ramp. That’s like a basketball kid growing up and Michael Jordan asking you to come help him build a basketball court….”
Jared Watson, Dirty Heads [READ MORE]
-Written by: Kris Siuta

Backstage: An Easy Star All-Star Story

“Over time, the more we do (play Thrillah) live, the songs become more us….the more it will become our own. We are adding things into the songs that were never planned—something’s may pass, but others will stick. There is a lot of room, for a lot more morphing…”
– Ras IRAY, Easy Star All-Stars [READ MORE]
-Written by: Kit Chalberg