Updated Concert Articles!

Updated Concert Articles!

The Aggrolites are tearing up the east coast on their Unleashed Fall Tour while Seedless had a Kroq Locals Only Showcase party out on the west coast. The Pier was at both shows this past weekend complete with a show recap & photos. Lets check the recap from the weekend shows…

Date: Oct 1, 2011
Who: The Aggrolites & PeeLander-Z
Location:Guanabanas, Jupiter FL
What: Unleased Fall Tour 2011

  • The Aggrolites took the stage around 9:30pm and without saying a word immediately got the crowd moving with “Funky Fire”. They kept the energy up by flowing directly into one of their best instrumentals. You don’t usually hear bands play an instrumental song during a live show, but when it’s as good as “Thunder Clap”, I say why not?…READ MORE

  • Date: Oct 1st, 2011
    Who: Seedless, Katastro, Natural Heights, 80 Proof, The Originalites
    Location: Yost Theater. Santa Ana, CA
    What: KROQ Locals Only Showcase

  • “If you build it, they will come.” Judging from the size and enthusiasm of the crowd last Saturday night, I’d say that is exactly what’s happening for up-and-coming Orange County band, SEEDLESS, and the historic Yost Theater was an epic backdrop for the cumulation of all their hard work to date….READ MORE