Updated Concert Articles

Updated Concert Articles

From Thursday 9/27 to Sunday 9/30, The Pier was in attendance for live music from FL to CA, providing coverage for groups such as Long Beach Dub All-Stars, Fishbone, Stick Figure, The Green and Josh Fischel. Lets take a look at each concert recap, complete with pics…

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Date: Thursday, Sept 27th, 2012
Who: The Green & Stick Figure
Location: High Dive. Gainesville, FL

  • One thing that must be mentioned when discussing the talents of The Green is their musicality. The bands compositions, including wide ranging vocals, and layered instrumentation, are incomparable in the genre. Their sound, one accented by four singers, makes The Green very impressive….READ MORE

  • Date: Friday Sept. 28th 2012
    Who: Josh Fischel
    Location: The Go Lounge. San Diego, CA

  • Most artists only share their influences on the bio of their facebook pages while Josh Fischel wears them on his sleeve. His acoustic sets may have a comprehensive selection of covers, but the performance never comes off as a cover. It feels more like a celebration of his influences….READ MORE

  • Date: Sunday Sept. 30th 2012
    Who: Fishbone & Long Beach Dub All Stars
    Location: The Yost Theatre. Santa Ana, CA

  • Starting right after 11:30pm with curtains closed, Fishbone came out with a bang! Their instant energy on stage was so dominating that they took complete control of the Yost. With seven guys on stage jamming on different instruments at all times it was almost hard to keep focus on anything but the great sound blowing the crowd away. After 25 years of quality showmanship and with the efforts to keep the Fishbone style alive, the band delivered as promised….READ MORE