Updated Concert Articles

Updated Concert Articles

On back-to-back Monday’s to close out the month of March, The Pier’s Blake Taylor, a long with his mother Berda Taylor, covered 2 separate music legends from 2 entirely separate genres in 2 separate cities and states. Blake covered Bad Religion in Portland, OR while Berda was in Las Vegas, NV on-stage with Sir Elton John

Yes, we understand that Bad Religion and Elton John are not “Reggae”. We do understand that these are 2 music legends that have inspired and/or influenced many of us and many of the reggae bands we enjoy today. To have the opportunity to cover both groups, on back-to-back Mondays no less, was something we welcomed with open arms. Blake & Berda provide us with some great recaps the include photos & set-lists. This is Berda’s second concert article after she provided us a review of Paul McCartney‘s first visit to San Diego in over 35 years last September! You can read that recap by clicking HERE!

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Date: Monday, March 23rd, 2015
Line Up: Bad Religion, OFF!, Rendered Useless
Venue: Roseland Theatre. Portland, OR

  • For the first time ever, The Pier was invited to cover renowned Los Angeles punk rockers Bad Religion at the Roseland Theater in Portland, Oregon. Their resume boasts sixteen studio albums, three live albums, countless compilations, and a dedicated following of aging, un-wavered fans. Bad Religion is one of the best-selling punk bands of all time with nearly five million records worldwide over their 30-year existence… READ MORE
  • Date: Monday, March 30th, 2015
    Line Up: Sir Elton John
    Venue: The Colosseum in Caesars Palace. Las Vegas, NV

  • The flamboyancy of his youth was reserved for the amazing stage graphics and the much touted “million dollar piano” he played throughout the night. He wore just enough bling to let us know he still didn’t take himself too seriously, but the days of rebelling by wearing feather boas, the 4 foot tall shoes from the rock opera “Tommy” and his collection of over the top eye glasses were behind him…READ MORE