Updated Concert Articles!

Updated Concert Articles!

The Pier was out and about this last week, in attendance for Iration in San Diego, CA at the 91 X-Fest, as well as Mike Pinto‘s first show in Saint Louis, MO at The Firebird Lounge during his Turn You On Summer tour. Lets read the recap from each show this past weekend…

Date: Saturday, July 16th, 2011
Location: Cricket Wireless Amphitheater. Chula Vista, CA. (All Ages)

  • Think back to the first time you heard an IRATION song, or went to one of their shows. Were you (A.) Thinking “Whoa, this band is sick! I bet their gonna blow up.”, (B.) Not thinking anything because you were lost in the rhythm, or (C.) Kind of both? Personally, I went with (C.). Evidently, San Diego’s premiere rock station, 91X, is thinking along the same lines, and READ MORE

  • Date: Wednesday, July 13th, 2011
    Who: Mike Pinto, Dreadnot, ROTA & Down State
    Location: The Firebird Lounge. Saint Louis, MO

  • Thunderstorms had passed over Saint Louis two hours before the doors opened at the Firebird Lounge. By 8:00pm the clouds were gone and only a slight breeze was brushing against the trees. There was a line at the door as I arrived. Amongst them were the fans and musicians trying to smoke their last cigarettes. Anxious attendees waited to gain or lose their drinking privileges in the form of a bothersome paper wristband or an obnoxious but distinct ‘X’ on both hands and surchargeREAD MORE