Updated Exclusive Interviews!

Updated Exclusive Interviews!

The Pier was stoked to get a chance to Interview 10 Ft. Ganja Plant to discuss their new album and we also have a fun quick chat with Less Than Jake during their time on the Warped Tour. Every Tuesday we populate new Exclusive Interviews to the site. You can find all of our exclusive interviews under our Editorials tab or by clicking HERE

Next week, we’ll have new Exclusive Interviews added to the site with:
Fortunate Youth & Mystic Roots
See you next Tuesday!

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Exclusive Interview w/10Ft Ganja Plant…

For nearly ten years now, the mysterious roots reggae collective 10 Ft. Ganja Plant has operated under a dense shroud of anonymity. Although it’s no secret that the group primarily consists of former/current members of John Brown’s Body, their albums rarely feature personnel credits, and the band has played only a handful of live shows to date….READ HERE

Exclusive Interview w/Less Than Jake…

As we waited in the press area for our interview with Less Than Jake I received a phone call from a friend that has played with these ska kings in the past. I started asking about the individual I would be interviewing “Chris Demakes” front man for LTJ. His exact words were “He is a goofy guy that looks like the lead singer of the Offspring”… READ HERE