Updated Exclusive Interviews!

Updated Exclusive Interviews!

Over the last few months, we’ve had the opportunity to sit down for Q&A sessions with some great artists that include the late Josh Fischel, Ali Campbell & Astro of UB40, John Brown’s Body, Mike Pinto and Katastro

Coming up, we plan to publish exclusive interviews with David Foral of Dirty Heads, Mykal Rose, Pepper/Law Records, Jon Phillips of Silverback Music Management and more.

Every Tuesday’s and Thursday’s we’ll publish the latest interviews to our site — In case you’re behind, you can check out all of our past Exclusive Interviews under our Editorials Tab or by clicking HERE!

The Latest Exclusive Interviews:

Exclusive Interview — Josh Fischel

On September 29th, 2016, all of us mourned the unexpected loss of Josh Fischel. Sublime Videographer, front-man of Bargain Music, The Fiction, creator of Riot-stage as well as his Music Taste Good festival that celebrated it’s inaugural event from Sept 23-25th. Josh lived long enough to inspire an entire community of artists through his own art and contribution; all of which culminated into his last conceptual design: Music Taste Good Festival. On September 3rd, we had the privilege of interviewing Josh at his Music Taste Good headquarters in Long Beach, CA where he discussed the last 20 years of living in Long Beach and evolving as a conceptual artist from videos, to music and creating artistic showcases. This would be the last time we’d get to see and speak to Josh. We hope you enjoy the read…READ HERE


Exclusive Interview — John Brown’s Body

Trailblazing reggae group John Brown’s Body (JBB) released their new album Fireflies on Sept 9th via Easy Star Records. Known for their progressive reggae sound which has been dubbed “future roots,” JBB is celebrating their 20th anniversary together. The band formed in Ithaca, NY back in 1996, and has been pushing the boundaries of reggae music ever since. We connected with Elliot and Tommy for an in-depth discussion on the band’s new album Fireflies, and to reminisce on the band’s last two decades playing together…READ HERE


Exclusive Interview — Ali Campbell & Astro of UB40

Ali Campbell’s legendary vocals have been synonymous to that of the band UB40. Unfortunately UB40 is not the same band you or your mom and dad grew up with. Ali left the group in 2008, followed by original keyboardist Mickey Virtue and later joined by Astro. This has now resulted in two groups touring under the name UB40 –- one led by Ali and the other by his brother, Duncan Campbell. With Ali Campbell, Astro & Mickey Virtue reunited for a more authentic representation of the UB40 sound, The Pier was honored to be invited up to their hotel suite 15-minutes before their live-set at Pala Casino, just north of San Diego County, for a brief interview discussing everything from their plans to produce new music with the likes of SOJA to covering Prince and putting out a new unplugged record…READ HERE


Exclusive Interview — Mike Pinto

Mike Pinto has been fairly quiet since his last album Truthful Lies was released in 2013 as fans have been anxiously awaiting more shows and new material. The Pier recently caught up with the storyteller-songwriter during his current West Coast tour on his stop in Tacoma, WA. The Pier took some time to get the latest scoop on where he’s been and what new music he’s been playing live, along with progress on his next studio album influenced by his relocation in addition to some surprise collaborations, and more…READ HERE


Exclusive Interview — Katastro

The Pier was invited to drop in at Black Labs Studio in Tempe, Arizona to discuss with Katastro their new album, Strange Nights, as well as their upcoming tour. They welcomed us with open arms and were very gracious with their time as we chatted for over thirty minutes. All four members of the band were present and we were able to get a close up look at the momentum and buzz they’ve steadily been generating. They discuss signing with Law Records, collaborating with Jared Watson of Dirty Heads and more…READ HERE