Updated Exclusive Interviews

Updated Exclusive Interviews

Be sure to catch up on our latest Q&A Interviews as we’ve recently published interviews with 311, The Skints, Jimmy Cliff, Yesod Williams of Pepper and David Foral of Dirty Heads. See what each group had to say collectively discussing new music, life and offering up some artistic perspective…

Every Tuesday’s and Thursday’s we typically publish new Q&A interviews. In case you’re behind, you can check out all of our past Exclusive Interviews under our Editorials Tab or by clicking HERE!

The Latest Exclusive Interviews:

Exclusive Interview — The Skints

The Skints
In March 2015, London’s versatile reggae rock quartet The Skints released their 3rd album FM via Easy Star Records. But it was during an in-depth conversation with guitar/vocalist Josh Waters Rudge about The Skints’ sophomore album Part & Parcel (2012), that we decided we needed to open up our conversation even further. Josh discusses what he sees as the biggest difference between the UK and US reggae scenes, The Skints’ songwriting process, and his affinity for rap music. We also get an update on where the band stands in their process of making a follow up to FM, as well as whether or not we’ll hear lead vocals from the The Skints’ bassist Jonathan Doyle in the future. We hope you enjoy the read…READ HERE


Exclusive Interview — Yesod Williams of Pepper

With so much going on in the world of Pepper, In The Barrel Photo and The Pier reached out to drummer, Yesod Williams, who graciously invited us up to his home for a in-person interview ahead of their Nice Dreams tour with Tribal Seeds. We found out that Pepper has new music coming out featuring Slightly Stoopid and that Yesod has started a Podcast called The Disposable Heroes, not to mention how busy their own label, Law Records, has gotten with release after release — Read the details revealed in our Q&A below and see whats goin’ on in the world of Pepper!…READ HERE


Exclusive Interview — 311

The much-anticipated arrival of the new 311 album MOSAIC is here and features 17 brand-new tracks oven-baked for your speakers. Mosaic is the 12th full-length studio album from the alternative-rock kingpins. We had the opportunity to connect with Nick Hexum for an in-depth discussion in which he was also able to provide insight and shed some additional details regarding production for the album, a couple of the tracks and the overarching theme centered around family, fans and community. We also chatted about their recent TV appearances, writing collaborations on Mosaic as well as collaborations with Dirty Heads and Rome Ramirez, longevity within their musical career and more…READ HERE


Exclusive Interview — David Foral of Dirty Heads

David Foral
We had a chance to hear a bit of Dave’s background growing up in Long Beach, to his first band with Chapter 11 that has led him to where he’s at today, playing bass with Dirty Heads as well as producing his own music. He just released Vol.2 of his Stone Soup mix-tape that features a slew of guest musicians, DJ’s & producers that Dave curates into one long production you can vibe out to. Get to know Dave Foral’s background while listening to his music — READ HERE


Exclusive Interview — Jimmy Cliff

Jimmy Cliff
We got a chance to speak with Jimmy Cliff about his latest awards, as well as what to expect on his upcoming album. The reggae pioneer shared some of his earliest memories making music, let us in on some of his favorite current reggae artists, and discussed what he sees as the direction of reggae music. We also get an update to the reported, and long awaited sequel to The Harder They Come. It was a lovely conversation with a man who has seen it all, and we can’t thank Mr. Cliff enough for taking the time to chat with The Pier and to Moore Media for arranging the Q&A…READ HERE