Uplift Music & Arts Festival

Uplift Music & Arts Festival

Just like every summer, you can expect this one to be full of shows and festivals taking place all over the nation. This year, Uplift Apparel has plans to host their very own festival with intentions of only showcasing up and coming bands in the reggae scene!

With only one artist announcement left, the lineup for the very first Uplift Music & Arts Festival is already looking stacked with some of the best talent, on the rise!
The Uplift Crew chose to host the 2-day event in Riverside, California, a region that normally doesn’t get much exposure in the reggae scene. From June 28th to the 29th, fans who travel to Rancho Jurupa Park will get to see a great mixture of rising talent that includes bands like Arise Roots, The Simpkin Project, Ease Up, Solution, Brewfish, Just Chill, White Glove Service and many more!

According to Alex Acevedo, founder of the Uplift brand, the fest was put together with the intent of giving a chance for smaller bands to be heard. “We want people leaving the festival having discovered some new favorite bands,” said Alex. He explained, “I fell in love with the reggae scene right off the bat. I had never seen so much love for one another anywhere else. I had always wanted to create my own brand, so I thought why not create a brand that is influenced by this amazing scene. I never thought the brand would grow as quickly as it has and putting together a festival never crossed my mind when I started. We owe it all to those who have supported Uplift. Without them, this festival would not be happening.”

Alex and the rest of the Uplift crew are still working on confirming headliners for the event. Their hopes are to get a big So Cal band that has earned themselves a big name through hard work and countless local shows to headline the festival. With the annual California Roots Festival only a month before this event and showcasing some of the biggest names in the reggae community, the Uplift Music & Arts Festival can be an easy one to overlook.

Being from Southern California, I have seen many of the bands on this lineup play local shows and some of which are personal favorites of mine, regardless of their rankings in the reggae scene. Stay posted for details on the final artist announcement coming soon!

You can purchase tickets for the Uplift Music & Arts Festival by clicking HERE!

The crew at Uplift is still looking for sponsors for the festival. If you are interested you may send an email to upliftapparel@yahoo.com.

Uplift Music & Arts Festival Lineup (still 1 announcement left)
Arise Roots
The Simpkin Project
Ease Up
Just Chill
White Glove Service
Kings & Comrades
Ital Vibes
Special Blend
Item 9
Puck Xou
A’ La Lune
Amity Flow
Iya Terra
Valley Green
Greene Street
Spliff Vision Music
Sure Shot Rockers
Cali Conscious
Lady Reiko & The Sin City Prophets
80 Proof
Jet West
Coral Thief
Dewey & The Peoples
Coastal Connection

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Article By: David Garcia

Watch: Arise Roots – ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’

Watch: The Simpkin Project – “Lose Control”

Listen: Ease Up – “Number One”

Listen: Solution – “Take Me High”