Vana Liya’s on a Boat!

Vana Liya’s on a Boat!

How Nautical Sounds is redefining the meaning of “VIP Session”

By Kelly Graham

Who doesn’t love an intimate VIP show with one of their favorite artists? It seems almost every band in the scene is doing VIP sessions on their tours. It’s certainly a way to increase a band’s revenue, and fans definitely love them. The higher priced, lower capacity, and highly coveted sessions have typically been on a band’s tour bus. However, Nautical Sounds, based out of St. Petersburg, Florida, has come up with an incredible new concept for VIP sessions. Imagine seeing your favorite band play on a boat for an hour, floating around the Florida seas with dolphins in tow!

Last year during Reggae Rise Up, Algorhythm played their first live show as a band aboard Nautical Sounds. It was undoubtedly one of my favorite memories of all time. So this year, I had to go back to see the incredibly gorgeous and talented Vana Liya play her first show aboard the boat during Reggae Rise Up weekend. She was having such an amazing time, she played for an extra half hour! Two hours of Vana’s angelic voice while drifting around the outskirts of the Reggae Rise Up festival grounds was certainly a highlight of the weekend. Add Nautical Sounds to your list of must-sees if you’re ever in the St. Pete area.

We were lucky enough to chat with both Captain Christian, owner of Nautical Sounds, and Vana Liya after the cruise ended.